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A workshop designed to be run by teachers.

We provide everything you need, including materials and tutorials

Each pupil makes their own toy, Start - Finish.

Create characters around the toys.

Develop stories, story telling and writing

Bear and Ragged staff

We send the toys to you

    So…… decide when to work on the project.  Today

            tomorrow,  an hour each afternoon ……  

    We give you a powerpoint presentation with

                …..history and information about the toys

                …..a presentation about the toys and forces

                …..all the information to assemble the toy

    Plus…..access to all this information on-line so that parents can be involved as well.

We will make a magical appearance on a screen of your choice.

    Until such time as we can physically come in to school we will be 

    available via a live web connection so that your children can meet 

    with the toymakers and ask questions or get advice on assembling.

And… avoid all the stresses of planning a trip whilst still delivering a fabulous topic.

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Cross-curricular program

Toy history, Science, DT, Maths

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